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Combo Pack (Elf Flex / Elf Cast)

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Our Two Top Products in One Bundle Package!

Elf Flex 

Suffering from Limp Elf Syndrome? Well, ELF FLEX is Here to Save the Day!!

Never suffer again from an Elf that won't stay in place! Can't seem to replicate the idea you saw on the internet? This kit includes everything you need to give your Elf unlimited possibilities!

Online video tutorial at will guide you to a fully upgraded Elf in just minutes!

Included in the kit:
Custom Length 12 Gauge Wire for Legs and Arms
4 (+ 2 extra) Velcro Tabs for Hands and Feet
Seam Ripper
4 Magnets

*Elf not included*

Elf Cast

Need to take a few days off? Losing your mind trying to think of new places for the elf? Give yours(elf) a "break" and get your elf a cast! With the Elf Cast and included note from Santa, your elf can take off for a night or as many nights as you would like.

The online video tutorial at will guide you to an elf with a real cast on either an arm or a leg within minutes! No water necessary and cast dries within minutes.

Kit includes:
- Custom size cast pre-wrap
- Custom size real white cast
- Official Elf Marker (for signing the cast!)
- Santa's note from the North Pole

*Elf not included*

Our products are compatible with dolls of a certain size, including THE ELF ON THE SHELF® or SCOUT ELF™ products made by CCA and B, LLC.

ELF DOCTOR, ELF FLEX, ELF REMINDERS, ELF CAST and ELF NOTES are trademarks of DSCovery LLC, d/b/a The Elf Doctor. All other product names and brands are the property of their respective owners. DSCovery LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by CCA and B, LLC.

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